Within their ecosystem, Pascal, Adrien, Valerie and Harold follow the philosophy and ancestral methods developed by the Amoreau family for over 400 years – fourteen generations of history and know-how – which we now know as biodynamics.

Efforts are focused on developing bacterial life in the soils, which are worked on the surface but not ploughed.

The vines are treated with infusions of local plants such as horsetails and nettles to reinforce their natural defences against disease. There is no bunch thinning or leaf thinning, nor are fertilisers added to the vines.

The vines naturally seek out the mineral elements they need in the rock and beyond, thus favouring the natural balance create by life in biodiversity.
Pascal, Adrien, Valérie and Harold are aware of these natural processes at la Closerie Saint Roc and seek to accompany the natural rhythm of the plant rather than control it.